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The Importance of Giving Back

You’ve had a few breaks in your life—times when someone else gave selflessly to help you pursue your dreams. Now that you’re successful, you want to pay it forward. The rules and regulations governing charitable giving can be complex and intimidating. We can help you plan and implement strategies to ensure your charitable contributions make the most financial sense.

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“The vast majority of our clients want to be involved in charitable giving, not only for the financial advantages, but also because they are committed to improving the lives of others. Charitable planning is an integral part of our business.”

“I want to help others realize their visions, but I’d like to do it in a way that makes the most sense financially. I need a professional to help me do that.”

Making the Most of Your Charitable Giving

There are myriad ways to help others through philanthropic efforts. You can make donations during your lifetime or you can include your favorite charities in your estate planning. You can even create your own charitable foundation. At The Pinnacle Financial Group, we’ll help you evaluate the many options and implement a plan to accomplish your goals.

Our Belief About Giving Back

The Pinnacle Financial Group believes it’s important we all contribute in ways that have meaningful impacts on the people, community, animals and world around us. Though many Pinnacle Advisors represent and support a variety of worthy causes through their personal support and contributions, here are a few we would like to highlight:

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