College Planning


Planning to Fund a College Education


Own Your Journey with The Pinnacle Financial Group


Giving Your Child a Head Start in Life

You want only the best for your children and grandchildren. You want them to have opportunities that may not have been available to you…a chance for a world-class education. But you’re not certain of the best way to set aside the necessary funds to pay for college. We can help.

“I want to eliminate the stress and anxiety of paying for a college education. I need a professional to help me take the right steps.”

Help Your Children Pursue Their Dreams.


A great education can put your son or daughter on the path to financial freedom, too. At The Pinnacle Financial Group, we’ll work closely with you to maximize the tax advantages of investing for a college education and we’ll help you formulate and implement a plan to work towards your child’s educational needs.

The Pinnacle Financial Group—Working with You to Help Map Your Child’s Journey

“At The Pinnacle Financial Group, we understand that part of realizing your dreams is ensuring your children have a chance to pursue their own passions. A solid plan for college funding is a key component of that vision.”

Own Your Journey

It’s Your Journey — we will help you own it.