Stress-Free Home Repairs

Stress-Free Home Repairs is at Your FingertipsThere is no greater reality that comes with owning a home than that of the seemingly never-ending necessity for repair.  However, it doesn’t have to be painful or expensive.  In order to avoid these unnecessary expenses, you should try to fix things as the damage happens, right away, and not a month from now.  The best way to ensure quick home repairs is by having easily accessible, top-notch repair products at your disposal.  These include scratch-fix pens, adhesive glue, original gorilla flue, CLR, WD-40, and All-Purpose Putty.

One of the most common household damages are scratches in furniture or other commonplace household accessories.  The best product to fix these damages is Miller Scratch-Fix pens.  These helps hide scratches on furniture, floors, cabinets, doors, moldings, and even antiques.  It essentially makes these marks invisible.  Furthermore, it dries in seconds, promoting the idea of quick and painless repair.  These pens are filled with waterproof wood stain, rather than ink, which prevents smudging after the fact.  The product itself comes with easy to read directions to teach you the best method for use.

Another product that you should keep handy is Weldbond Adhesive Glue.  This adhesive cleans up with water, is nontoxic, and nearly odorless, and dries clear while remaining flexible.  Better yet, it is all-purpose, meaning it works on both porous and nonporous surfaces.  For the best possible result, you should scuff the materials with a nail file.  Furthermore, it works on almost every product, ranging from plastics to woods, metal to tile, and even porcelain and fabric.  Give the product 24 hours and it will be completely dried and ready for use.

The next product you should own is Original Gorilla Glue.  While there are many Gorilla Glue products, the only one you should concern yourself with is the Original Gorilla Glue, according to home repair experts.  Gorilla Glue can be used on anything and will hold the objects together for near eternity.  The only downside is that the repair may remain visible.  Thus, when using Gorilla Glue, plan your application accordingly.

Another key to home repair is owning CLR.  CLR stands for Calcium, Lime & Rust, which are the various household annoyances this product attacks.  Whether you have rust stains in your tub or crusty calcium deposits in your humidifier coils, CLR carefully breaks these composites down, rendering the problem inert.

One inexpensive product that you may be familiar with is WD-40.  There is a good possibility that you have seen the familiar blue-and-yellow can before, and that is for good reason.  WD-40 is one of the most useful products when it comes to home repair.  It is an extremely strong lubricant that displaces water buildup, repels dirt, and prevents corrosion.  This means you can use it to silence squeaky door hinges, eliminate rust from garden tools, and even clean a whiteboard.  Its applications are seemingly limitless, making your repair work as easy as spreading peanut butter on bread.

Finally, each and every household should keep Bondo All-Purpose Putty on hand.  Home repair experts refer to all-purpose putty as the homeowner’s best friend.  This is because it can be used to fill and repair cracks and dents in drywall, metal, concrete, masonry, and even wood surfaces.  Furthermore, it can be sanded and painted all within 15 minutes of application.  This means it is an extremely quick fix that eliminates having to replace the damaged surface.  All of these products are cheap and reliable and eradicate the necessity for expensive repairs.  By keeping these on hand, you can attack any and every repair problem that your home may face.


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