Focusing on being happy and enjoying your time to the fullest!


Imagine, I am Warren Buffet. I walk up to you on the street and say to you “Let’s switch bank accounts, I give you all of my money, and there is only one catch – We also switch ages.” That is, you immediately get 83 billion dollars in your bank account, but you also immediately become 89 years old. Would you do it? I certainly would not.

I am 59 years old and I would not give up a single month, let alone a single year, for any dollar amount. I want to make the most of the time I have left, whether it be spending it with my children and my wife, or on the tennis court.  My time is much more important than my bank account, and something that I have learned over my life is that I can actually buy time. Take my yard for example. I could spend my entire Saturday mowing my lawn, planting flowers, and removing leaves. I could also spend my Saturday going to the park with my dogs or getting dinner with my son who lives in Manhattan. The choice is obvious to me, I am going to spend Saturday with my dogs and my son. So how do I buy time? I hire someone to tend to my lawn for me. Spending $100 to have my lawn taken care of is worth every dollar if it means I get to choose what I want to do during that time. My time is much more important than $100. You can do this to. You might already have a landscaper, but that is not the only way you can buy back time. Instead of driving an extra 20 minutes to save 10 cents on a gallon of gas, go to the nearest gas station. It may not seem like much but think about what you can accomplish in those 40 minutes you would save. You can watch 2 episodes of your favorite show, or, if you are like me, take your dogs for a nice, long walk. Another way that you can buy time is by hiring a handy man to paint that room in your house that might take you all day. Sure, it might seem like an unnecessary expense that you can take care of yourself, however, it is nothing compared to what you can do for yourself and your family during that time. For some, maintaining your own landscaping can be relaxing, and even a pastime. If this is how you want to spend your time, then continue doing what brings you Zen. The whole idea behind buying time is that you can spend your time in the best way possible, spending a few extra dollars here and there to ensure that you get the rest and relaxation you deserve. Thus, if you enjoy taking care of your lawn, continue to do that. If you enjoy taking your dogs for a walk instead, spend a little money to make that happen. It is your life, spend your time how you truly want to.

Time is much more important than money. As I am sure you can see by now, I would never take that hypothetical Warren Buffet deal. After 57 years, I would much rather pay a professional $100 than miss an opportunity to enjoy life. Do not worry about the nickels and dimes, instead focus on being happy and enjoying your time to the fullest.



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